A Quitter Never Wins - Williams & Watson


Too Late

A Quitter Never Wins

The teaming up of two great artists for two great recordings. They toured together and appeared together at Manchester’s Twisted Wheel and performed these live.




Larry Williams and Johnny (guitar) Watson:

Williams & Watson - Larry Williams and Johnny Watson - Live Williams & Watson - Larry Williams and Johnny Watson - MERCY, MERCY, MERCY


Larry Williams & Johnny Watson Two Cadilacs


SATURDAY 3rd APRIL 1965 they appeared at The TWISTED WHEEL:

Larry Williams – All-nighterKnown as rock and roll and recoded in the late fifties in New Orleans with Specialty Records: “Bony Moronie”, “Short Fat Fannie”, “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” these were R&B and greatly appreciated by the Wheel crowd.


  Too Late – Larry Williams & Johnny Watson together
Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson – All-nighterThey did a single – ‘Too Late’ which has become a huge ‘Northern Soul hit.

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