It can’t have escaped your notice that this Soul music focused website is called SOULBOT.

The reason is that it was originally intended to have Otis Redding acting as an Avator Chatbot: reading out text and pointing to relevant information. His knowledge of SOUL Music is unsurpassed! Here is Otis on our old radio show: Manchester Soul Radio.

This is work in progress but should you be interested here is some of the state of play from other developers:

Virtual Assistants

Chat Bots are talking animated humanised heads or representations of them.
Some Chat Bots are simply a text only or voice input speech & audio trigger that the programme responds too. Google are introducing iterations of voice command navigation options.

To get an overview look first here. Wikipedia

A Few Examples:

ELIZA – Chat Bot


You could waste a lot of time chatting to this Rogerian psychotherapist – a miss used term for a computer programme that simply puts back idiotic questions to you – come to think of it YES it is a psychotherapist. Try Eliza now.

Jabbering Jabberwacky – yes wacky gets it.

CHATBOTS.ORG  Yes a much better idea.


The A.L.I.C.E project

Talk to Captain Kirk.

Shame its badly animated and far more stupid than the Jim T Kirk we are used too.

Does he know his own middle name?

YES he does.

However so does Wiki

And the answer is :

Tiberius‘ Kirk

So in fact you would be far better off typing questions into: Wiki Answers because its quicker.

And proves that such Chat Bots and programs are simply look up tables, matching a question if your lucky. But go outside their ontological tables and they are stumped; whereas Wiki answers is less likely to be so.



Oh you still want to talk to Kirk.

OKay then:

You must sign in as a STAR TREK crew member first!

Just click here to Beam Up.


The A.I. Vision lets get real!

Computer Artificial Intelligence will not be like human intelligence. I believe it will evolve from putting all complex computational activities ‘underneath’ a personalised ‘conversation’ with such an interface.

This first stage of A. I. will be the computer interface(s) of the near future.

I believe that Mobiles and probably Digital Interactive TV will be the methods to interact with all the people, and this will be achieved, by a ‘conversation’ with the computer interface.

Intelligence in this case is understanding the aim of the user. Predictive.

This can be achieved by fore knowledge of certain (known) needs, previous choices presented and by a question and answer routine.

We can cheat by predefining this aim and produce systems that have the outward appearance of intelligence. Due to the fact that we can build structures around a known subject, that has a border around it so that it does not go on forever, it has known ends; a subject, a genre, some narrative. For example SOUL MUSIC.

An expert system on any given subject is the start.
Verbot Kirsty

This ‘Verbot’ Kirsty she was once in touch screen kiosks that operated in the streets of Aberdeen, she could speak in English and Polish!, and ask questions, and could prompt options from the person seeking to make a benefits claim, or from a student studying a particular education subject. She could locate and read out websites e.g. reading out the live football results from a Web-services ticker feed. Such a dialogue looks impressive but is it A.I.? NO

Obviously this type of approach needs at least one human operator with the knowledge required too answer all the possible options (an expert) but once this knowledge is ‘scripted’, or linked to back office processes (or certain websites) then it only needs to be located into the front end programme and out of the ‘magicians hat’ comes something new, and with high added value: a talking head that appears to have constructive answers.

But is it A.I.
Will it ever be?
Are you a chatbot

But there is hope for our Otis.

ALICE talk To Captain KirkThis dialogue begins to take on the shape of a ‘conversation’ well known in computing, begun in the very early days of computing and today is progressing with  A. L. I. C. E.

Only though to some limited extent, but without, real information its just a series of open ended questions and answers that eventually lead to nowhere.
We can link information by hypertext, URL, Weblinks onward from ‘conversations embedded in text’ then jump to explanations or to more choices explaining about or giving more background about the subject in question, but is it A.I.

Well no.

Please don’t ask that question.
Irritating isn’t it?

But it does move things along.

Human babies most probably learn the meaning of things long before learning the language and words that then describe the meaning; whilst computers can readily show (on screens) and even read out the words in any language, they have no ‘knowledge’ or understanding of the meanings, of these words, like a small child can.

This is the pivotal point in the A.I. universe.

Computers may have knowledge, but understanding; that’s entirely another issue.

Will they be aware of their own awareness: its very doubtful.

However it is not a barrier to producing intelligent services from the systems that do, now operate.

In the book “The Age of Spiritual Machines by Ray Kurzwiel – in the chapter on Context and Knowledge: he addresses this same problem. He identifies the pivotal problem. He explains that for a piece of any single subject of knowledge there are major problems. His example is about birds. So the programmer has to tell the computer by some means that there is a thing called a bird. That birds have certain abilities, they fly, that is unless they are Penguins and Ostriches. Oh, yes, or if they are dead. You can see the problem. And also you will need to explain to the computer programme what dead means. Can it understand the Off Switch!

Such iterative descriptions of meaning have a habit of going on, on, on, and on, interconnecting iteratively forever. Ray says that the process of building these structures is enormous; a massive bottleneck to the development of A.I. then goes on to neatly side step it, ignoring it and presuming someone somewhere, out there will solve it by making the silicon, or the programme or some other invention to be able to solve it. You might as well believe in genies bringing three magical wishes.

There is no substitute. This work must be done! By someone.

We can only start in small ways.

Understanding a need in a given area or subject by an expert who can harvest the validated links to the subject, perhaps link too and intelligent web portal and fix it all together, and it will need software to check it for updates etc, but every so often a human editor would be required. A.I. theorists are waiting for a programme to have the innate capacity to do all this, without any human assistance. Web Services and update methods for Google point the way, and they have many staff doing similar work. The evolution of these processes will result in clusters of validated knowledge. This points the way.

So if we build knowledge structures of sufficient size and value, with interconnected meta data and with semantic linkages, and lots of descriptive key words and with explanatory short descriptive scripts, and if we put up a talking head, a verbot, a Chat Bot or Avatar that will intermittently react to the users inputs and converses with the computers user(s) whilst opening an internal hidden dialogue with the ‘knowledge’ then we can fool you, into the belief in such A. I.

Allan Turing believed that if all knowledge was put into a machine, and if the outputs were handled in some correct manner then a certain type of A.I. could be achieved.

But will it know of itself?

Will it understand what it gives out as knowledge?

Our answer is NO.

But maybe that’s not important, if you have always been blind, then sight is an experince that is just a description.

Maybe  Apple SIRI are beginnings.



You can visit the Chat Bots on the Links section below.

More thoughts about this and intelligent Avatars with Chat – Bot engines:

Building an Avatar

Chat Bots – examples

Wikipedia All About CHAT BOTS

A Rogerian psychotherapist !



Buy Commercial Chat Bots

Better stuff – use them to assist visiters to your website……? Maybe.

A.L.I.C.E. Pandora Bots

Award winning Chat Bots

Just as Good and maybe quicker than a CHAT – BOT!


Avatars in SECOND LIFE

Cao Fei: Avatars | Art21 “Exclusive”
by ART21 | video info

Curated content from YouTube


Building a real intelligent AVATAR ?

More thoughts about this and intelligent Avatars with Chat – Bot engines its no ‘Joke’.


draft_lens17506601module147560531photo_1295285178CAPRICA‘Real People’ with Avatar interfaces in CAPRICAAlessandra Torresani as Zoe Graystone

CAPRICA the TV series is a prequel to the new version of Battlestar Galactica.

Within its storyline is a virtual world with living Avatars.

Alessandra Torresani stars as Zoe Graystone who becomes both a Robot Android and an Avatar.


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