We like black ethnic music: Blues Soul, R&B Funk etc.

But there ain’t no Hip Hop here in Soulbot: because the original Hip Hop artists started out sampling using their roots; our beloved Black America Music, these first Hip Hoppers used the roots; and were rapping and creatively using Soul and Funk sound bites: a lot of James Brown. That was OK.

Kanye West’s early stuff was sort of OK.

But then it deteriorated.

Puff Daddy- Notorious – BIG – 2 Pack – Dr Dray – Kanye West and loads of others, then focused in on nasty themes. Crime, prostitution, sexual, promiscuity; a low materialistic theme runs throughout it all. Oversized Gold chains. Degrading and debased videos: very sordid and mostly stupid inane lyrics a simpleton would mnemonically string together. What’s going on?

Is there a secret agenda?

A rapper who saw through it – PROFFESOR GRIFF who tells what’s behind the dark agenda of Hip Hop.


Proff Griff on Hip Hop and FBI book

Is there an occult theme here?

A weird book called The Music Of Time tells about Chubby Checker‘s massive hit “Lets Twist Again” including subliminal sounds to enhance purchasing the 45 – and Phil Spector was involved; the book points to involvement in the music industry by the CIA.

The Insane Clown Posse (Jugallows) ‘Wup Woo’ is an example of other crazed themes in pop music.

More on this subject:

Mark Devlin UK DJay

On his site there is a talk about the dark scene of Hip Hop: his interview with John. B. Wells on The Caravan To Midnight radio show.

Another reference site is:

Vigilant Citizen. com

For uplifting music just look around and play the great Soul music on our site.

And for some alternative to mainstream Hip Hop try this:

 Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy

And as for Rappers….

RAPPERS Take or leave em – We choose to leave em. A good example of their inane meaningless vocabulary is Snoop Dogs hit “Signs” with lyrics going like this:

“I from Los Angelous where the helicopters got camerous”

and with a chorus line of: “Don’t Fuck with me”

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