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Hymn No.5 / Fishin’ Pole (Josie)

The Mighty Hannibal was James Shaw. He recorded two singles for Pan World based in Hollywood beginning in 1960. The backing group was The Angels, (but not the same ones that gained fame years later). Hannibal recorded for lots of labels in the 60’s decade; as The Mighty Hannibal, King Hannibal, or, just Hannibal often wearing a turban. Another obscurity found at the Manchester Twisted Wheel.

Hymn No. 5 was an anti war song, written in 1965, sometime before artists such as Country Joe and The Fish continued his tradition.


Mighty Hannibal – Hymn No. 5, 1966, YouTube


The Mighty Hannibal –

The Mighty Hannibal –

The Mighty Hannibal – singles

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