A Quitter Never Wins - Williams & Watson

Gangster Of Love -/keen/later – King, USA 1957

Cuttin’ In.’ (1958)

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Its Better To Cry

Too Late (With Larry Williams)

A Quitter Never Wins (With Larry Williams)

Big Bad Wolf– USA import MAGNUM
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Jimi Hendrix thought very highly of Johnny Watson. There is no doubt he was a brilliant blues guitarist, well deserving of his nickname.

In 1954 ‘Space Guitar’ was released when Johnny was only 17 years old.

1955 ‘Hot Little Mama’ ‘Oh Baby’, ‘Too Tired’, ‘Someone Cares for Me’ ‘Three Hours Past Midnight’ and ‘Those Lonely Lonely Nights’ (Earl King orig. ) was a hit.

1957 ‘Gangster Of Love’ was re recorded a couple of times the last in the early 60’s with Johnny Otis

1962 ‘Cuttin’ In.’

1964 At Chess – recorded a jazz album.

1967 ‘Mercy, Mercy, Mercy’

Toured the UK with Larry Williams in 1965. LP ‘Two For The Price Of One’ (with Larry Williams.) And the appeared live at The Twisted Wheel.

Larry Williams & Johnny Watson [1967] - A Quitter Never Wins [UK ColumbiaLarry & Johnny


Born 3rd February 1935 – Houston, Texas

Died 17th May 1996 – Yokohama, Japan



Johnny Guitar Watson – answers.com


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