Tell Him - The ExcitersDO WAH DIDDY DIDDY   USA 1964

Tell Him (1962 United Artists) – covered by Billie Davis in the UK

He’s Got The Power United Artists – 1963

Little Bit Of Soap – United Artists – 1966 (Orig The Jarmels)


The Exciters’ tracks were popular at the Twisted Wheel, especially at the original premises in Brazennose Street, Manchester. They were also played at the Blue Note. Herb Rooney, the male member of the group with Brenda Reid the lead singer originally came from Jamaica, NY, with a different name – The Masterettes. Their tracks were frequently covered in the UK –  Tell Him  (Billie Davis),  Do Wah Diddy Diddy by Manfred Mann and A Little Bit Of Soap was The Exciters doing a cover themselves – originally by the Jarmels – written by Bert Burns. Dean Parrish also made a version of “Tell Him” – changed to “Tell Her”

The ExcitersThe Exciters


Tell Him Live

Caviar & ChitlinsSo the Exciters have a long track record in Pop / Soul music. “Blowing Up My Mind” was originally an LP track on ‘Caviar & Chitlins’


Released as a 45 it became very popular on the Northern scene reaching 167 on the Top 500 Northern Soul.



The Exciters - Blowing Up My Mind


The Exciters –

The Exciters – MSN

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