eddie-holmanOh What an amazing voice, and an incredible range! And he can still do it as; he rocked and shook the theatres in the UK that he recently appeared in on David Gest‘s Legends Of Soul tour. It was a great pleasure to see him and hear him singing one of his more recent hits, and it certainly was:  “This Will Be A Night To Remember“. Most people know him for his hit single “Hey There Lonely Girl” which we in the sixties Soul scene remember it first as “Hey There Lonely Girl” originally “Hey There Lonely Boy” by Ruby and the Romantics released in 1963. And done again later in the 70’s with the Stylistics. Just goes to show you can’t keep a good song down. Here is a Youtube video: on the David Gest tour, showing his amazing vocals at 70! For our own appreciation his hits on ‘our’ Soul scene in Manchester in the Sixties were:



I Surrender

Eddie’s My NameThis Can’t Be True(1965)   “Hey There Lonely Girl “I Love You (1969)I Surrender” (1969) Eddie's My Name   “I Surrender” was a huge hit at the Blue Note Club Manchester as Dave Lomas the other ‘Dave’ DJ at the club would play it to death often rushing out of the DJ booth to rapidly dance to it, in his unique and amazing methods of dancing! For a great selection of his songs on CD you can’t beat this one. Its fairly rare and somewhat expensive: EDDIE’S MY NAME A COLLECTION OF RARE 60’s SOUL.

Eddie Holman Stay mine For heavens sake



And then there is:

Where I’m Not Wanted / Hurt

And these get to 377 on Kev Roberts top 500.


Wikipedia: Eddie Holman

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