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The original, many thought it was by Billy Butler at the time in the sixties, we played that one, cause, there was no way to get this brilliant original on Golden World as the entire label had been sold to Berry Gordy and shut down.

See the Golden World story.

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Russ Winstanley

Russ Winstanlet Wigan casino DJ


Russ Winstanley was keen on Soul music. Realising that a venue was needed to get all those Soul dance ‘orphans’ who were without a venue, to have one after the Twisted Wheel closed and the Torch in the Midlands was far away: he offered to DJay at Wigan Casino dance hall. That’s how it all began in 1973.

A legend was begun that continues to this day and long after the closure of the Casino. Northern Soul as it is known today actually began at The Twisted Wheel in Manchester.



Russ issued a great introduction to Northern Soul and contained many Wigan Casino soul classics:

Soul Survivors - Wigan Casino Story CD Casino Story

From an Amazon reviewer: THE WIGAN CASINO STORY – Northern soul to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. From the floor-shaking opening track to the classic close of the ‘Three Before Eight’, this is a CD to bring the memories flooding back. And this compilation contains THE FLASHER, many Soulies reckon the CD is worth it for this instrumental track alone!


Blackpool Mecca

Mecca Blackpool

Ian Levine was the primary DJ at The Mecca.

This CD is a good introduction to the sounds played in there in the soul days:


Wikipedia: Blackpool Mecca

There is another Mecca dance hall that has held Northern Soul all-nighters The Mecca Manchester.

Wigan Casino



The place that brought back Soul music all-nighters after the closure of other locations (primarily The Twisted Wheel). It became the 1970’s epicentre for Northern Soul all-nighters.

Richard Searling  And Russ Winstanley where the most famous DJ’s at the venue and Russ started it all off.

wigan casino

wigan-casino1 After the closure of Manchester clubs  like The Twisted Wheel (and The Blue Note), the soul all Nighter scene moved to Wigan after a few months at the Torch. Here  the search for ever more obscure recordings became more of the fashion than the original wider known recordings.

Today Northern Soul is experiencing another revival. In the past the Northern Soul musical appeal has focused mainly upon up tempo sounds.

I suspect that as these aging fans slow down (like us older original Wheel survivors) they will ‘discover’ some of the slower richer soul in many an overlooked soul ballad. Slow soulful numbers were always popular in the 1960’s, many of which are listed in this database.

Wigan Casino Story CD


What an Amazon reviewer said about this CD: I love these northern soul compilations. Apart from the “beats per minute” requirement then pretty much any thing can end up on them. In the seventies these records certainly widened my taste in music and made me sweat in a wild blaze of euphoria on the dance floor.
Lets face it – some of the vocalists are bad. You can hear them straining to get their four minutes of fame – bless’em. But then again all the effort can produce something uplifting.
A lot of these sounds were produced by small labels on a shoestring budget.The instrumentation, playing and production is dire in some cases but on nearly every track there is something to love – a bassline, an organ sound, some groovy guitar lick, great horns etc…
O.K. so you could buy a Motown compilation instead but you won’t have so much FUN.
The sound quality doesn’t seem too bad either. Dance on….if you’re still able. Keep The Faith



WIGAN SUCKS – Imber Soul Club

Wigan Casino –

Wigan Casino – Martins box

The True Story

Wikipedia: Wigan Casino

KEEP ON BURNING – Northern Soul

Keep On Burning - The Story of Northern Soul - dvd


This DVD film covers most of the story of Northern Soul.


There are omission’s, and it doesn’t come right up to present times. However it is highly recommended as it gives one of the most comprehensive overviews yet to appear in a filmed documentary. Of course there are many inaccuracies and views expressed that support beliefs that some of the commentators want it to be so; as it supports their own status; here are a few examples:

It was without any doubt that the entire emerging appreciative Soul scene – the original one in the 1960’s and its secondary – reflection – beginning in the seventies was heavily influenced by the Twisted Wheel is coverd but with scant information regarding it’s legendary DJ Roger Eagle: no real mention!

That Beatin Rythm - Richard Temple - MIRWOOD

MIRWOOD: imported 45 from auction lists by Dave Lomas @ The Blue Note Club Manchester.

The introductory sound track on the film begins with Richard Temple‘s: “THAT BEATIN’ RHYTHM” which was a hit at the Blue Note Club in Manchester – a club that has been missed out from the lineage of early Soul influences. Long before it caught on at the Twisted Wheel this imported 45 was rockin’ the clubs real wooden dance-floor! There is a Soul music record shop in Manchester named after the song – I wonder if they even know of the history of it being played first in Manchester? When it was played many people thought it was called The Skate!

Today almost everything from that originating Soul scene; which was associated with the UK MOD movement, especially in the North of England and centred in Manchester at The Twisted Wheel: is somehow now all claimed as Northern Soul. This is OKay but only so far; as it airbrushes out the fact that that originating scene was the initiator of the following scene. Within the overall Northern Soul scene with most of the ‘faces’, the DJays and other commentators of the ensuing Northern scene were not involved in its precursor. Probably because they were too young.

DELLS - Run For Cover

CADET: Dells Run For Cover Import by Dave Lomas DJ Blue Note Club Manchester

So the truth gets bended. It’s as if these folks invented everything. Kev Roberts book which is great, includes approximately 100 from our original days, that’s a fifth of his Top 500 Northern Soul records. Such vinyl sounds were in fact well known, appreciated and collected and played at the Manchester Soul clubs; pre-dating the Northern classification. So many others that feature in this secondary scene were very well known and many were indeed imported!


MALA - US IMPORT - Tobi Legend - Time Will Pass You By

Mala: An Ian Levine IMPORT



Importing USA label 45’s, appear as a crucial pivotal point on the Northern scene, yes it’s certainly true as covered in this DVD; that it was indeed in the last days of the ‘Wheel’ that a new plethora of imported 45’s entered the scene from Ian Levine’s stateside visits to deleted vinyl shops and warehouses. These newly discovered records became the sounds and the basis of the new direction of Northern soul.

But on that originating scene what these people fail to accept; is that we imported lots of singles via auction lists, which we made postal bids upon. This resulted in loads of USA original imports on the scene prior to the end days of the Wheel and the following scene. And it was Roger Eagle who informed us how to initially go about it!

Well in the end its all water under the bridge. Who was who, who did what, today we have an increasingly vibrant Soul scene. This music is not only growing in stature there are many ‘modern Soul; artists picking up on the Soul vibe and invigorating the up to minute Soul genre; see our category of Modern Soul.

The Manchester Wheelers - Kindle Edition - Illustrated


Final comment – wouldn’t it be nice to see a film or a documentary about those 1960’s days that said it like it really was…something Northern, something original, showing all that roots Soul scene… no not the Who’s Quadrophenia, and not yet another Northern Soul film adding to the almost good music genre, but maybe a real roots Northern one 🙂

The story of the Mod’s the ‘Wheeler’s who went to the Twisted Wheel THE MANCHESTER WHEELERS



Walter Jackson

Walter JacksonUphill Climb

Its An Uphill Climb To The Bottom – Twisted Wheel weekday Ballad.

David Howell - The Story Of Northern Soul


“Not You” is featured in the introduction the the book: The Story Of Northern Soul by David Nowell. An account of how Soul music hits you gets under your skin reaches your emotions and touches your heart and Soul. He says that its not ” a dance record, not even a northern Soul record…Walter isn’t singing the words, he is living them. He sounds like his heart is breaking”.

Not You Walter Jackson

Not You (1966)

Yes! This is exactly what we mean in describing Soul music,” it comes from deep inside: its a feeling, you just can’t hide – What Is Soul – by Ben E. King.

Once you get what Soul music is all about your hooked for life. Its a love affair. Its knowing that somebody else shares your feelings, both your inner feelings because they too have lived, loved, lost and felt those emotions and they sing them from their heart, from their Soul.Its often beyond just a mere performance. Its a connectedness that links us together in music appreciation but then there is another layer; one of knowing that others who get this know they have friends and people who understand these deep feelings and the deep appreciation, no; deep love of this music that comes from the Soul of the singer and the heart of the listener.

“Not You” was written by Barry Mannillow and Cynthia Wiel.

Then another two examples of what is called these days: Deep Soul:

Walter Jackson - Its All Over


Its All Over


After You There Can Be Nothing

It’s an Uphill Climb (To the Bottom) – OKEH

Produced by Curtis Mayfield & Carl Davis
Born  19th March 1938 – Pensacola, Florida

Died  20th June 1983 – Chicago

Walter Jackson went to Chicago and released some excellent tracks with the help of his mentors Curtis Mayfield and Carl Davis. He had to overcome the disability of polio which he contracted as a young boy.



Walter Jackson –

Walter Jackson with The Billy Price Band

Wikipedia: Walter Jackson