humptydumpty Byron or ericDumplins – Blue Beat 1960

Humpty Dumpty – Jamaica Ska – Parlophone 1964 (With Byron Lee and Band)

Night Train From Jamaica – MGM 1964

Dumplins Byron Lee Night train from Jamaica

BYRON LEE AND THE DRAGONAIRES – The first Jamaican band leader to achieve international success: Byron Lee recorded the same titles under the names: The Ska Kings and Eric Morris and the Drumbago All Stars. He formed his band, The Dragonaires in 1956 and managed to achieve  international success – the first Jamaican band leader to do so. In 1962 his music and band featured in the James Bond film, Doctor No which was set in Jamaica.

Byron Lee


Many thanks to Peter Piper who informed me that Byron was at the time the band leader with Eric Morris as the lead singer and Drumbago as the drummer. In January 1999 at Freeport Bahamas, Byron caused a riot (just a few stabbings in the crowd) playing old and new ‘Soca’ numbers.


Naughty LP covers:


Byron_Lee_the_Dragonaires_Soca_Tremor_1999 carnival-fever-byron-lee-and-the-dragonaires-13818-MLB191538984_8063-F

MI0001709819 Mixed Race - Byron Lee

Wikipedia: Byron Lee

Byron Lee – Dumplins, YouTube


Byron Lee –

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