Billie Davis - Keith Powel - When You Move You Lose


Tell Him

I Want You To Be My Baby

When You Move You Lose

With Keith Powell.

Keith & Billie

Billie Davis was a 1960s English ‘soul’ singer’ and an ‘A’ typical Mod lookin ‘Bird’ who frequently appeared on Ready Steady Go. She originally sprang to fame after winning a talent completion, backed by Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers. Her name was derived from Billie Holiday and Sammy Davis Jnr and given to her by impresario Robert Stigwood to replace her less salubrious birth name of Carol Hedges from Woking.

Billie Davis - white soul singer of the sixties

She released several cover versions  of black soul records. Tell Him was a cover of the US hit for The Exciters which reached number ten in the UK charts.

Two main releases played at Manchester soul clubs were:-

When You Move You Lose (Decca 1966) Original by R & C Thomas – Stax

I Want You To Be My Baby (Decca 1968) Original by Ellie Greenwich.

When Roger Eagle left The ‘Wheel’  to DJ at the nearby Blue Note Club he took his record collection with him. That meant that his imported 45 of “When You Move You Lose” by Rufus & Carla (Thomas) went to the next club. So that’s when the new DJ had only the Keith Powell and Billie Davis version to play. (And its excellent).


Billy Davis – Tell Him, YouTube


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