Lonely Girl - Andrea Davis


Andrea Davis – also known as Minnie Riperton – released Lonely Girl and You Gave Me Soul.

Andrea - Davis - AKA Minnie Riperton

Andrea – Davis – AKA Minnie Riperton





Andrea Davis was in fact Minnie Riperton. She released Lonely Girl under the name of Andrea Davis. She was most famous for the all time classic love song – Lovin You.

She had a stunning voice which spanned five octaves and is shown off in all its versatility on the track that has made her immortal. Have you ever heard it covered by anyone else? We haven’t – it would take someone really special to try.

Born  8th November 1947 – Chicago

Cause of Death  Breast Cancer Died  12th July 1979 – Los Angeles


Andrea Davis – Lonely Girl, YouTube

Wikipedia: Minnie Riperton

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