adlibs- The Boy From NY City

The Boy From New York CityRED BIRD UK

1965 Johnny My Boy – on Blue Cat USA, Red Bird

New York In The Dark

Ask Anybody

Nothing Worse Than Being Alone

 Nothing Worse Than Being Alone  Giving Up  Appreciation

All Brilliant.  Mary Ann Thomas leads on thier best songs:


The Ad Libs were from New Jersey and they had a major hit in early 1965 with The Boy From New York City, written by John T. Taylor, a saxophone player who had worked with various big band groups as far back as the ’30s.
Originally known as the Creators, the group consisted of Hugh Harris, Danny Austin, James Wright, John Alan, and Chris Coles. In 1963, the Creators  first track disappeared without a trace. I’ll Stay Home, on Philips also flopped.
They re-formed in 1964 in Newark, NJ. Dave Watt and Norman Doegan replaced Wright, Alan and lead vocalist, Mary Ann Thomas joined. They became the Ad Libs.
It was the song writer John Taylor who took the recording to Red Bird Records owners Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller who signed the group to their Blue Cat label.”The Boy From New York City” absolutely huge at Manchester’s Twisted Wheel – it  was released in December 1964 and reached number eight on the pop charts and number six on the R&B charts in the USA. In May 1965, they released He Ain’t No Angel (written by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich) which did nothing. As a result  they were dropped from Blue Cat. They went on to record for a few other labels and three singles later The Ad Libs signed with Share Records of New York and recorded their last Top 40 hit, Giving It Up which reached 34 in the R&B charts, USA.

Kev Roberts put “Nothing Worse Than Being Alone” as their entry on his Top 500 at 335


The Ad Libs –

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